How To Order

This guide will try to give you an overview of the ordering process

Step 1: Check out the product pages

Be clear about what you want from your research, what tools will help you achieve this goal. Best first step is to go to the product pages for our tags and read through the material. See which product will be better for you. Make a list of questions and requirements. Think about functionality, usability, longevity,  price, size, weight, temperature, dive depth etc. Be sure to consider offerings from other companies as well. A good over view of what is available will be very useful. If you wish to proceed with us go to step 2.

Step 2: E-mail or Phone call

Next, once you have got all questions ready, send us an e-mail or give us a call. We are happy to answer your question. However, do please provide the following data as it helps us understand your requirements

1. Your name, company or institute, postal address, e-mail address and phone number

2. Details about your research, what you are trying to achieve, what are the limitations.

3. What tag you think will work for you and how many you will needed. This step is important as we have to stock and plan ahead of the order or else order can take long to deliver.

4. What size, weight restrictions will you be working with

5. What is going to be the likely attachment method.


Step 3: Reaching a Decision

We shall come back to you with a solution that we think may help. With to and fro e-mails, together we can come up with a solution that both parties think would work and is suitable for the conditions. A written specification will be agreed upon by the customers and e-shepherd solutions ltd.

Step 4: Quotation Request and Quotation 

Once you have budget allocated , you need to request a quotation. Most standard tags will have same price as shown in prices page on the website, however, significant changes to standard tag design or software will require additional price. Upon receipt of a quotation request, we shall send back a quotation. This will have the price of tags, any accessories and delivery. Also quoted will be delivery estimate. Please note that quotations are only valid till 30 days. In some circumstances, if prices have been updated in the 30 days of the quotation and an order was not placed then you may be liable to pay the new update prices. 

Step 5: Invoice, Payment and Receipt 

Please note that payment is 100% payable before an order is accepted. Once order is accepted you shall get regular updates regarding the progress of the order.

Step 6: Delivery of Order

Once order is completed, it will be tested at e-shepherd solutions ltd for 2-3 weeks. Once tested it will be sent to the customer.

Step 7: Testing and verifying

You must plan to get some time to test the tags before deployment. At the time of writing this guide, e-shepherd solutions ltd provides a 30 day money back guarantee if the tags do not work to the agreed specification. But the warranty is void if the tags are deployed on the animals. So, please, take some time out and test these tags yourself to  make sure that they fulfil the requirements.