TM-TAG improved connector

The TM-TAG, our most popular tag has now a much improved connector. The four pin connector that was used on the old version had two problems. The pins needed a lot of protection and the tag needed to be marked to make sure that the download cable was plugged in the right way round. The four pin connector has now been replaced by an ultra light weight micro-usb connector. The weight of the tag has not changed but the connector is now much more durable, and connects to the cable in only one direction so there is no chance of plugging the tag in wrongly.

Although you still have to use e-Shepherd Solutions provided cables for downloading data from the tags, you can use any commercial micro-usb cable to charge the tags now.

Announcing TM-TAG Seabird/Marine

We are proud to announce TM-TAG Seabird and Marine Tag. It is TM-TAG with the added benefit of a sea/water sensor. The tags shuts off when it is under sea water and saves battery life

Gallery Added

A photo gallery has been added. Many customers ask for tag photos to be placed on the website.

You can find them in gallery page

Customer Pages

We have introduced customer pages. Once your order is confirmed, you would be sent a link to your custoemr page where you'll be able to check the progress of your order.

E-Shepherd Solutions is now a Limited Company

E-Shepherd Solution (ltd) is now a limited company. Our company number is 7963859.